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Wonder Porcelain Serves U.S. Tile Market with Top-Quality, American-Made Products

Wonder Porcelain CEO, Jacky Huang

Wonder Porcelain: A Surprising History and Evolution

Tennessee-based Wonder Porcelain is a manufacturing facility located just outside Nashville, and its history and evolution may surprise you. The privately-held tile manufacturing company is part of a much larger operation under its Chinese parent company, the Marco Polo Group. Under its original name, American Wonder Porcelain, the tile division began U.S.-based production in 2018, officially rebranding its Tennessee-based operation as Wonder Porcelain in 2022.   

The Wonderful Group is the largest producer of ceramic tile in China. Its Lebanon, Tennessee tile manufacturing facility is the company’s first foray into the overseas marketplace. And the organization’s leadership is young and ready to serve the distribution market with a modern take on top-quality tile products for residential and commercial use. 

Led by CEO Jacky Huang, Wonder Porcelain is making an impact in the U.S.-based porcelain tile market by way of its extraordinary stateside facilities and capabilities. Particularly notable is the fact that Wonder Porcelain claims the nation’s largest drying kilns, all housed under its Tennessee roof. In 2020, Purdue University-educated Huang assumed leadership, aiming to elevate the facility and its products in a competitive market.

Impressive Production Capabilities and Style Focus

Product output at the factory is exceptional, totaling 18,000-to-22,000-square meters per day, along with digital print capability across six printers. A digital, 12-jet print process allows for both tile color and texture combinations. The state-of-the-art facility is capable of producing tile formats measuring up to 24” x 48”. Worth special notice—Wonder Porcelain’s Tennessee manufacturing operation houses the largest tile polishing line in the United States. 

Wonder Porcelain has a sharp angle on its style focus going forward. Wonder Porcelain focuses on high-polish, large-sized tiles, and marble looks, driving its creative direction and product lines. Look to the future of top-quality, modern porcelain tile collections with Wonder Porcelain

Wonder Porcelain participated in the 2023 Coverings event held in April in Orlando, Florida, where a range of stunning new tile products were unveiled. During the trade show, the Floor Daily publication interviewed Huang. You may listen to the full interview on Floor Daily’s website.