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7 Steps of Making Porcelain Tile

Making Porcelain Tile

Wonder Porcelain is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality porcelain tiles. Our elaborate process for making porcelain tile reflects our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. We take pride in our meticulous approach, ensuring that every step of the process showcases our commitment to delivering tiles of exceptional quality and beauty.  Wonder Porcelain follows a proven 7-step process that starts with receiving raw materials and ends with producing the beautiful tile.

Step 1: Body Prep – Raw Materials Received

The Wonder Porcelain manufacturing process commences with the receipt of raw materials for porcelain tile production. In order to meet our high quality control standards, a detailed selection of materials is undertake.  Subsequently, the chosen raw materials are carefully blended and refined,  forming the perfect composition for our tiles. This crucial step sets the foundation for the subsequent stages of production.


Step 2: Press Department – Tile Press

Using advanced machinery, we apply high pressure to the raw materials, shaping them into tiles of consistent thickness and dimensions. As a result, each tiles meets our stringent standards of quality and durability. This meticulous process guarantees exceptional performance and longevity, so our tiles exceed expectations in overall performance. 


Step 3: Primer/Base Coat – Ink Jet Printing the Design on the Tile

State-of-the-art ink jet printing technology creates a wide range of intricate designs and realistic visuals on the tiles. 

First, we apply a primer or base coat for optimal adhesion and color vibrancy.  This initial step sets the foundation for excellent adhesion and enhances the vibrancy of the colors used in the porcelain tiles. Then, our ink jet printing process brings the patterns, textures, and colors to life, giving each tile a unique and captivating appearance. This technique allows us to create artistic designs and visuals that bring out the overall aesthetic appeal of our porcelain tiles. 


Step 4: Glaze – Production Lines and Daily Output

Glazing adds to the tiles a protective layer that enhances appearance and durability. Wonder Porcelain has multiple production lines dedicated to glazing, ensuring efficient and timely production. 

Each line has an impressive daily output of 60-70,000 square feet of glazed tiles. This remarkable capacity enables Wonder Porcelain to meet the demands of various projects while maintaining a strong commitment to quality.


Step 5: Kiln – Three Sections: Drying, Firing, and Cooling

The kiln process is a critical step in the production of porcelain tiles, where the tiles undergo firing to achieve the desired strength and durability. The kiln consists of three sections: drying, firing, and cooling. 

During the drying phase, we actively remove excess moisture from the tiles. Our thorough process ensures that any remaining moisture is eliminated, allowing the tiles to reach the desired level of dryness for optimal quality and performance. Subsequently, the tiles are fired at precise temperatures to ensure proper sintering and achieve the desired characteristics. Finally, the tiles go through a controlled cooling process to prevent thermal stress.


Step 6: Kiln – One Tile, Color, and Size at a Time

The kiln process at Wonder Porcelain exemplifies our attention to detail. We handle each tile, color, and size individually, taking meticulous approach to production. While this process may limit the quantity of tiles produced at a given time, it guarantees that each tile meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and consistency.


Step 7: Tile Sorting and Warehouse

All tiles undergo a thorough inspection for quality assurance. The sorting process involves categorizing and organizing tiles based on size, color, and design. 

Only the finest tiles are selected for distribution. Our dedicated team carefully sorts and stores them in Wonder Porcelain’s warehouse, guaranteeing they are ready to be shipped to customers worldwide. 


Wonder Porcelain Is the Best Tile Manufacturer in the U.S.

The 7-step process of making porcelain tiles at Wonder Porcelain demonstrates the precision, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that our team puts into each tile. 

We meticulously execute every state, from receiving raw materials to producing the finished product, to ensure the highest standards of quality in the making of porcelain tiles. Wonder Porcelain’s commitment to excellence has made us a trusted choice for architects, designers, and homeowners alike. 

With exceptional porcelain tiles, Wonder Porcelain continues to meet the demands of various projects, delivering beauty, durability, and innovation in every tile we create.