Categories of Use

The five categories outlined in ANSI A326.3 enable manufacturers to specify product use classifications for their products according to the products’ slip resistance characteristics. The standard also includes possible areas of use:

​​1. Interior, Dry (ID): indoor shopping malls (with the exception of food courts), hotel lobbies, office buildings, showrooms, and home interiors without water sources.

2. Interior, Wet (IW): entry foyers, public restrooms (without showers), grocery stores, “front of the house” in fine and casual dining restaurants with a closed kitchen, and home interiors including bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Interior, Wet Plus (IW+): public showers, interior pool decks, locker rooms, covered exterior areas, steam rooms, “front of the house” applications in restaurants with an open kitchen, and in “front of the house” applications in quick service, fast-casual, and self-service restaurants, and food areas in gas stations.

4. Exterior, Wet (EW): level outdoor living spaces including pool decks, walkways, patios, and sidewalks.

5. Oils/Greases (O/G): level areas regularly exposed to automotive fluids, “back of the house” fast food or family-style restaurants, food preparation areas with grills or deep-fry equipment, and any area where oil, grease, and/or fats may be present.

Reference categories ID and IW are based on DCOF criteria, while reference categories IW+, EW, and O/G, are required to be “manufacturer-declared.” (As an option, the IW category can be manufacturer-declared.) Manufacturers can specify one or multiple categories for a given product.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Wonder Porcelain Group, LLC warrants that manufactured products for the period oof one-year from date of purchase will be free from defect to meet or exceed the outlined performance specifications in ANSI AI37 .I-2012 and performance date manufacturer specifications found in Wonder Porcelain Group product literature.

Tile, due to inherent variability is subject to variation in technical specifications, this includes but not limited to color, graphic, raw materials, production process, and Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF). If tile is proven to contain a manufacturing defect within the one -year period, Wonder Porcelain will supply, free of charge, material of compatible color/ appearance, shade and performance characteristics that is manufactured by Wonder Porcelain, or provide a full refund of the purchase price of the product.

Misuse of the product by the installer or customer through physical or chemical means, or negligence will void this warranty. Local building code violations, installation and/ or substrate defects or deficiencies will void this warranty.

All warranty claims must be reported to Wonder Porcelain immediately. Failure to report any warranty claim within 30 days of defect discovery will void this warranty.

Installation of products with visual defects or nonconformities that are detectable prior to installation will void this warranty. Labor cost for removal of existing product and installation of replacement product are not included as part of this warranty.

In the event of a warranty claim, Wonder Porcelain reserves the right to thoroughly investigate the issue, which may include returned defective product samples and/or on-site inspections by Wonder Porcelain technical personnel.

Product samples and photographic color images are for general reference only as they may not be representative as an exact match of the product supplied. Product supplied may have slight variations in color, shade, and/or surface appearance.

Wonder Porcelain Group, LLC will in no way be held liable on a claim which exceeds the purchase price paid for the product by the customer for our product. The defective product will be either refunded for the price of the product or the product replaced.

Wonder Porcelain Group, LLC reserves the right to exceed the terms of this warranty on a case-by-case basis at its own discretion dependent upon the nature of the claim.

For more information, contact Customer Service at 615-994-3711 or email


Porcelain tile is designed to provide a lifetime of worry-free beauty and functionality, and with a minimum amount of routine care and cleaning, it will maintain its appearance for years to come.

All Wonder Porcelain tile products are certified by the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency, which means they will provide the exceptional performance, durability and ease of maintenance that makes porcelain tile the superior choice for floors, walls, and countertops.

Follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines below to keep your tile looking like new now and well into the future.


The most important step of your tile care and maintenance routine is the first one. By removing installation debris and grout residue immediately following installation, you will prevent the formation of a dull ‘haze’ or other buildup on the tile’s surface that could become increasingly difficult to clean as time passes.

Grout residue can be removed following setting the tile per the materials manufacturer’s instructions. If residue remains after this initial cleaning, further consultation with the manufacturer may be required.

Once the grout residue is successfully removed, porcelain tile can be scrubbed clean with a neutral detergent and hot water solution then rinsed with clean water and immediately towel dried. This process may need to be repeated several times to properly clean the tile.

Excess water can be removed with a wet vacuum or squeegee. Neutral cleaning detergents are readily available at any retail outlet that sells tile cleaning products and are identified on the label.


Porcelain tile is the easiest to care for among all floor covering materials. It does not allow accumulation of dust mites, mold, germs or bacteria and is hypoallergenic and safe for people with allergies and asthma.

Day-to-day care of porcelain tile requires minimal time and there is rarely a need for chemical cleaners to be used on a regular basis. Sanitary conditions and a clean appearance can be accomplished through the following steps:

  • Sweep or vacuum the surface of tile floors; for walls and counters, wipe down with a soft dry cloth to remove dust, soil, and or other debris.
  • Damp mop floors with clean, warm water, rinsing the mop and changing water frequently for large areas.
  • Daily grout cleaning is generally not required, but if necessary follow manufacturer’s guideline.
  • Always wipe spills immediately using a mild neutral cleaner if necessary.
  • For walls and countertops, use a soft cloth with warm water to gently wipe tile surfaces.

Polished tile, while remaining a low-maintenance flooring option, may require a slight variation in the regular maintenance routine, as well as the use of penetrating sealers during the installation process. Your professional contractor will be able to apply these sealers, which generally do not require additional applications after installation.

To clean polished tile:

  • Sweep or vacuum loose dirt and debris.
  • Use a dry mop over the area to further remove any dust or light soil from the surface.
  • Reduce the amount of cleaner used on unpolished tile starting with 50% less solution and reducing further if needed going forward.
  • Rinse with warm water, using just enough to effectively remove the cleaner and debris but not enough to accumulate or pool on the surface of the tile.
  • Dry completely with a soft, clean cloth to prevent water spots and ensure shine.


Occasionally you may find your tile requires a deeper cleaning especially in high traffic areas, entrances and exits. Follow these steps as needed:

  • Sweep or vacuum loose dirt and debris.
  • If needed, use a nylon bristle brush or scrubbing sponge to scour surface. Apply gentle pressure, just enough to remove set in dirt, soap scum or other deposits, testing first in a small area.
  • Use the recommended ratios of cleaner to water on the product label—too much cleaner may be difficult to rinse and too little may not effectively clean your tile.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of the cleaning solution to the tile surface without over saturating and allow it to remain for as long as recommended on the label, typically no more than 10 minutes.
  • For large floors, work in areas small enough to allow rinsing before product begins to dry, which can result in a film or coating that will be difficult to remove.
  • Use clean, warm water to rinse surface, repeating as necessary to remove all loosened dirt, debris, and residual cleaner.
  • Use a dry mop or towels to remove clean rinse water from the tile surface.


Rarely your tile may require heavy duty cleaning to remove problem stains or following challenging situations such as leaks, flooding or major spills and contamination. If you are unable to clean your tile after repeat application of general household cleaners and more thorough scrubbing, equipment such as floor scrubbers or buffers may be necessary. It is critical to follow usage instructions exactly to avoid damaging your floor, or you may wish to hire a flooring or maintenance professional. Not only do these professionals have expertise required to safely and effectively operate such machinery, but they may also have access to professional-grade cleaners that are not available to the general public.

The Tile Council of North American website provides an extensive reference list of the most challenging tile maintenance issues and their solutions, which can be accessed at the following link:


Grout Haze Removal from Porcelain Tiles

Grout haze can dull the beauty of your porcelain tiles after installation, but with the right approach, you can restore their luster. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove grout haze from porcelain tiles effectively:

  • Clean, lint-free cloths or microfiber towels
  • A bucket of clean, lukewarm water
  • A pH-neutral tile and grout cleaner (read the label to ensure it’s safe for porcelain)
  • A soft sponge or non-abrasive scrubbing pad
  • Protective gloves (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Prepare the Area: Ensure that the grout on your porcelain tiles has dried completely. Typically, this takes 24 to 72 hours after installation.
  2. Protect Yourself (Optional): If you’re using a chemical cleaner, consider wearing protective gloves to safeguard your skin.
  3. Dilute the Cleaner: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tile and grout cleaner bottle to dilute it with water. Usually, a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio (one part cleaner to one or two parts water) works well.
  4. Apply the Solution: Dip a soft sponge or non-abrasive scrubbing pad into the diluted cleaner solution. Wring out excess liquid to avoid oversaturating the tiles.
  5. Gently Scrub the Haze: Gently scrub the grout haze on the porcelain tiles in small, circular motions. Avoid using excessive force or abrasive materials that could scratch the tiles. Work in manageable sections to ensure thorough cleaning.
  6. Rinse Frequently: As you work, rinse the sponge or scrubbing pad frequently in the bucket of clean, lukewarm water. This helps prevent the haze from spreading and ensures that you’re using clean water for rinsing.
  7. Check for Haze Residue: After scrubbing, use a clean cloth or microfiber towel to wipe the area clean. Examine the tiles to see if any haze remains. If it does, repeat steps 4 to 6 until the grout haze is completely removed.
  8. Final Rinse: Once you’ve removed all the grout haze, rinse the entire tiled area with clean water to remove any remaining cleaner residue.
  9. Dry the Tiles: Use a clean, dry cloth or towel to wipe the porcelain tiles dry. Properly drying the tiles helps prevent water spots and streaks.
  10. Seal the Grout (Optional): Consider applying a grout sealer to protect your grout lines from future staining and haze buildup. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific sealer you choose.

With these steps, you can effectively remove grout haze from your porcelain tiles, restoring their original beauty and shine. Remember to use gentle techniques and suitable materials to avoid damaging the tiles during the cleaning process.


Wonder Porcelain provides designer pattern guides to add another dimension to your tile design. Click on a pattern to download and print it. Or you may also view and print all patterns.

For more information on Designer Patterns, Contact your local distributor or dealer, or please get in touch with Customer Service at or call 615-994-3266615-994-3266 then choose the Customer Service option.

2023 Dealer Marketing Program

Wonder Porcelain takes pride in its commitment to supporting dealers and distributors, a testament to which is our specialized in-store display options. Designed with precision and a deep understanding of our products, these displays serve as a guiding tool for our partners in navigating the myriad of color and design options we offer.

For dealers, this isn’t just about showcasing products; it’s about enhancing the customer’s journey. From the vivid color palettes to the intricate design details, each product is showcased to best capture its true essence. It provides a tangible touchpoint for customers, making the selection process immersive and informative.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Dealer Select Board
  • Dealer Board Displays
  • Sample Deco Card
  • Loose Sample Display
  • Dealer Plank Display
  • Dealer Wedge Display
  • Digital Media Content
  • CONNECTnow.

Through our curated in-store display options, we aim to build trust, foster product knowledge, and ensure every dealer is equipped to provide an exceptional service to their customers.”

Click here to download a copy of our 2023 Marketing Program

For more information, contact your local distributor or dealer, or please contact Customer Service at or call 615-994-3266615-994-3266 then choose the Customer Service option.


Launching Winter 2023! CONNECTnow with Wonder Porcelain.

Wonder Porcelain’s premier dealer/distributor portal. Designed with you in mind, our portal serves as a seamless bridge between your business needs and our inventory, ensuring that you have the tools and resources necessary to succeed.

What Does CONNECTnow Offer?

  • Real-time Inventory Control: Stay up-to-date with our live inventory. Know exactly what’s available when you need it.
  • Effortless Sample Ordering: Get your samples right from the portal, whether for showcasing or inspiration.
  • Inspirational Room Scenes: Planning a design? Explore various room scenes to find the perfect match for your clients’ needs.
  • Technical Data at Your Fingertips: Access important technical data to make informed decisions.
  • Chat-Level Responses: Have a question? Get instant answers with our chat support system.
  • Direct Ordering and Warehouse Processing: Your orders go straight to our warehouse, bypassing the usual channels, for quicker, more efficient processing.
  • Invoice Management and More: Manage past invoices, place orders, request samples, and enjoy a multitude of other features all in one convenient location.

CONNECTnow is not just a portal; it’s a comprehensive service designed to empower you with online access to everything from sample ordering to room scenes, technical data, chat-level responses, inventory control, and much more.

Join us in this exciting new venture and make your business with Wonder Porcelain smoother, smarter, and more efficient. Welcome to the future of porcelain tile distribution. Welcome to CONNECTnow.


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) details a product’s environmental and human health impacts, grounded in the ISO 14025 standard and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. At Wonder Porcelain, our EPDs offer insights into the environmental performance of our flooring products, with comparability based on the building’s entire life cycle. To ensure accuracy, these EPDs consider all stages of the product’s life cycle, though variations like different LCA software can lead to diverse results. Each EPD is verified by an independent expert, ensuring a robust representation of our product’s impact


Wonder Porcelain 2023 EPD Report


Committed to sustainability and transparency, Wonder Porcelain steadfastly upholds the values of responsible manufacturing, ensuring our clientele can make informed choices for a greener tomorrow.